Our Leaders

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Majors Wil & Catherine Brown-Ratcliffe

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The Mission Board is a group that meets to advise and assist the Corps Officers in the progress and well-being of the Corps. The council is comprised of members of The Salvation Army Church and the Corps Officers.

The Council meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and current issues at the Corps. The Council is asked to give advice and direction to the Corps Officers, but most of all to ensure that the Mission Statement is being reached and fulfilled on a daily basis.

Frank Bennett - Corps Representative 

John Cassibo - Corps Representative

Bethany DeMarsh - Child/Youth Worker

Connie Goodsell - CFS Director

Carm Knapp - Junior Soldier Sergeant 

Geraldine Leavitt - Acting Corps Sergeant-Major

Ron Lessels – Acting Bandmaster 

Julie & Todd Purvis – Directors of Shepherding

Brad Rideout – Corps Secretary